Spring Cleaning


Spring Cleaning

After a frosty cold winter, a comprehensive spring clean will breathe new life to your home. Our perfect touch will skim off all that dirt, mildew, and anything else that’s clinging to those surfaces and give your home a total refresh. This detailed cleaning service is especially for the occasional cleaning of a house or apartment that has not been regularly maintained. Maintaining the cleanliness of your house all year round is a cake-walk if only your house gets deep cleaned by a pro once or twice a year. We often recommend a spring clean before you start a regular clean as this will ensure your house stays sparkling and also enable us to maintain it. Its never too late to get rid of the stubborn stains or grime glued to the surfaces of your house. For a germ-free, sparkling house, Book a full spring clean with Perfect Touch Cleaning Services. With our team of skilled & experienced staff, we vouch for a top-shelf service at every visit to your house.

Why choose Perfect Touch Cleaning Service

Our spring cleaning includes the following

Kitchen cleaning
Bathroom cleaning
Living room & Dinner
Hallway & staircase
All rooms